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Remedies for Cat Urine Smell: DIY Solutions to Try at Home

Remedies for Cat Urine Smell: DIY Solutions to Try at Home - Bio-One of South OC

Cats are amazing pets. They are cute, cuddly, and great companions to have around. However, dealing with a cat urine smell in the house can be a nightmare. Whether it's due to a sick cat or a misbehaving one, the smell can be overwhelming and difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, there are several DIY solutions that you can try at home to help remove the smell and make your home smell fresh again.

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Understanding the Causes of Cat Urine Smell

Cats have highly concentrated urine due to their efficient kidneys, which means that even a small amount of urine can produce a strong odor. Additionally, cat urine contains high levels of ammonia, which adds to the unpleasant smell. Male cats tend to have stronger-smelling urine than female cats and unneutered male cats may produce an even more pungent odor.

Furthermore, the longer cat urine sits, the stronger the smell becomes. This is because bacteria break down the urea in urine, releasing ammonia gas. If left untreated, the smell can become deeply embedded in carpets, furniture, and even walls.

Start by Identifying the Problem Areas

The first step in getting rid of cat urine smell from your home is finding out where the odor is coming from. Use your sense of smell to locate the problem areas and check for any visible stains. Keep in mind that sometimes, the smell may not be coming from where you think it is. Cats have a habit of urinating on soft surfaces like carpets, rugs, and furniture, but they can also spray on surfaces like walls.

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Use a Mixture of Vinegar and Baking Soda

One of the most effective DIY solutions for removing cat urine smell is a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. Start by soaking up as much of the urine as possible using an absorbent towel. Then, mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray it on the affected area. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes before sprinkling baking soda on the same area. Allow the mixture to sit for another 10-15 minutes, then vacuum the baking soda away. The vinegar will neutralize the ammonia in the urine and the baking soda will absorb the moisture.

Try an Enzymatic Cleaner

Enzymatic cleaners are specifically designed to break down the proteins in cat urine, which is what causes the smell. These cleaners come in different forms such as sprays, foams, and powders. When using an enzymatic cleaner, follow the directions on the label carefully. Be sure to allow enough time for the cleaner to work before wiping it away.

Use an Air Purifier

An air purifier is a great way to reduce and eliminate cat urine smell from your home. These devices can remove pet dander, dust, and odors from the air. They also help to improve the overall air quality in your home. When choosing an air purifier, be sure to select one that is designed specifically for pets!

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Consider Deep Cleaning Your Home Regularly

If the smell of cat urine in your home is particularly strong or just won't go away, it may be time to deep clean the house!  This includes steam cleaning carpets, washing furniture covers, and scrubbing walls with a mixture of white vinegar and water. Regular deep cleaning can help to eliminate any lingering odors and keep your home smelling fresh.

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If the Smell Persists, Call Bio-One for Help

Getting rid of cat urine smell in your home can be a challenge, but with these DIY solutions, it is possible. Start by identifying the problem areas and then use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda, an enzymatic cleaner, and an air purifier.

Bio-One's remediation technicians

If the smell persists, don't hesitate to call a professional cleaning service like Bio-One. Our team can eliminate tough odors and restore your home to its original state. Remember, it's important to address cat urine odor as soon as possible before it becomes a more difficult issue to tackle. Call us today for a free consultation in the Southern Orange County area.