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When to Call in Backup
Even with the best intentions, our homes sometimes become more than we can manage on our own. There’s no shame in realizing a task is more than you...
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The One Word That Makes Cleaning and Organizing Almost Impossible
The word? Kids. Organization is all well and good, but what if you have kids in the mix? Kids usually make life messier, and they can also make it...
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The Official Spring Cleaning Guide
Get started on your journey to living in a home that feels comfortable and welcoming. Here are the 5 steps to efficient cleaning: Step 1: Evaluate...
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Is Being Organized and Clutter-Free Just a Fad?
We want to live in clean spaces. After all, improving the cleanliness of our homes has major physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits. Trends...
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When Compassion Turns to Crisis: Signs of Animal Hoarding
Animal hoarding is a serious issue with severe impacts on the health and well-being of both the hoarder and the animals involved. Recognizing the...
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Why Having a Clean and Organized House Is So Important
Is having a disorganized home such a big deal? Why not let people live how they want to live? Having a clean, comfortable home affects people in...
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A Guide to Water Damage Repair and Rebuilding After Disaster
With our advice on how to clean up and begin the process of restoring your property, this guide can help you navigate through the complexities of...
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How to Process Loss After a Suicide
Suicide is often reduced to statistics to give people a general sense of the scale of the problem. But statistics can’t possibly illustrate the...
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Why Do We Struggle With Clutter?
There are varied reasons people hang on to things they don’t need based on their circumstances or deeper-lying struggles. A cluttered home—even...
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Commonly Hoarded Items and Their Significance
Commonly hoarded items include books, newspapers, clothing, photographs, and mementos. While the significance of these items varies from person to...
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