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Support Groups and Resources for Those Affected by Hoarding

Support Groups and Resources for Those Affected by Hoarding - Bio-One of South OC

Dealing with hoarding can be a difficult thing, both for the person hoarding and for their loved ones. It can be a challenging and emotional journey to navigate alone, but thankfully there are a variety of resources available to help. One of the best resources for those dealing with hoarding is the support group. These provide a safe space to share experiences and offer encouragement and guidance. In this blog, we'll explore different hoarding support groups and other resources available to help those affected by hoarding.

Clutterers Anonymous

Clutterers Anonymous (CLA) is a 12-step support group that provides a fellowship of individuals who share their experience, strength, and hope with one another. The group focuses on the understanding and treatment of compulsive cluttering, hoarding, and procrastination. It’s a non-profit that is self-supporting and free to attend. The group approaches each other’s problems with respect and confidentiality. They organize online meetings and face-to-face meetings in different locations. There is a range of meeting types, such as beginner meetings, step meetings, and topic meetings.

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Hoarding Support Group - Live OCD Free

Live OCD Free provides online support groups for individuals and families affected by hoarding disorder. It is a weekly, hour-long group that is facilitated by an OCD specialist. This group helps people deal with hoarding disorder and obsessive-compulsive symptoms and provides support and resources for people looking to overcome their clutter.

International OCD Foundation

The International OCD Foundation website provides tons of resources online, both for those dealing with hoarding tendencies and those supporting loved ones who are affected by this condition. From links to online support groups, tips for talking about hoarding, stories from others with experience dealing with hoarding, and more, the International OCD Foundation is one of the best places to look for support and guidance.

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National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)

NAPO is an organization that provides professional organizing services. NAPO provides a directory service that allows individuals to choose to work with professionals who have experience working with OCD. Many of the individuals in this directory are used to working with Hoarding Disorder specifically and can provide tips, strategies, and one-on-one support to help combat clutter and disorganization.

Children of Hoarders Support Group

The Children of Hoarders Support Group provides support for those who have grown up with a parent or family member who hoards. While the impact of hoarding can be difficult on adults, it can be even more challenging for children. This non-profit organization provides a safe and supportive space for those looking to share their experiences, get support, and learn from other people going through a similar situation.

No Matter How Difficult The Situation Might Seem, Bio-One Can Help

Support groups and other resources are available to those who want to deal with hoarding tendencies and connect with others who understand their struggles. These groups can be a crucial foundation that helps individuals recover from these conditions.

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Don't hesitate to reach out for help if you need it. At Bio-One of South OC, we can help you connect with the right professionals and restore your home from hoarding with care, compassion, and discretion.